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Port Pirie rare earth treatment plant remediation project

The former Port Pirie uranium (U) and rare earth (RE) treatment plant site is immediately north of the city of Port Pirie, adjacent to the Nyrstar lead smelter.

The treatment plant was operated by the State Government from 1954 to 1962 for the recovery of uranium and rare earths. Following the closure of the plant in 1962, a number of smaller companies have used the property for various operations including the further pursuit of rare earth elements.

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Site management

The Resources and Energy Group has retained management responsibility of the site for the government, and maintains a continuing watch on the site with radiological advice and assistance from the Radiation Protection Division of the Environment Protection Authority (EPA).

The Resources and Energy Group is developing a long-term management strategy for the former site. As part of this strategy there is a need to inform and consult with various stakeholders in order to effect an outcome for the present and ongoing management of the site.

Site activities completed and in progress

More information

McLeary M 2004. Port Pirie Uranium Treatment Plant Site: Management Plan Phase 1 Preliminary Investigation 2004. Report Book 2004/10

Port Pirie community focus group

A community focus group was formed in 2005 in collaboration with the Port Pirie Regional Development Board.