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Leading Practice Mining Acts Review - Statutes Amendment Bill released | South Australia's Magnetite Strategy launched

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PACE Discovery Drilling 2016 - successful proposals

Proposal Proponent company Project name RegionCommodity
DPY9-05 Macallum Group Ltd Mount Sarah Gawler Craton Iron Oxide, Copper-Gold (IOCG)
DPY9-10 Red Metal Limited Callabonna Curnamona Province IOCG
DPY9-11 Gawler Resources Pty Ltd Thurlga Gawler Craton Silver, Gold
DPY9-12 Teale & Associates Pty Ltd Prospect Hill Adelaide Geosyncline Tin, Copper
DPY9-14 White Tiger Resources Limited Arcoona Gawler Craton IOCG
DPY9-16 GBE Exploration Pty Ltd Mt Denison Gawler Craton IOCG
DPY9-17 Iluka (Eucla Basin) Pty Ltd Fowler Magmatic Sulphides Gawler Craton Nickel, Copper
DPY9-18 BHT Minerals Pty Ltd Woodmurra Gawler Craton IOCG
DPY9-19 NiCul Minerals Limited Central Plains Musgrave Ranges Nickel, Copper
DPY9-20 Sherlock Minerals Pty Ltd Keilira South East SA Copper, Zinc
DPY9-21 Peninsula Resources Limited Eyre Biogeochemical Anomaly Gawler Craton Gold
DPY9-23 Westernx Pty Ltd Cootanoorina Gawler Craton IOCG
DPY9-24 Investigator Resources Limited Nankivel Gawler Craton Copper, Gold
DPY9-25 Doray Minerals Ltd Western Gawler Gawler Craton Gold
DPY9-27 Endeavour Copper Gold Pty Ltd Lake Labyrinth Gawler Craton Gold
DPY9-28 Mingoola Gold Pty Ltd Kallioota Gawler Craton IOCG
DPY9-30 Samphire Uranium Pty Ltd Blue Well Dam Gawler Craton Iron sulfite, Copper- Gold (ISCG)
DPY9-31 Perilya Freehold Mining Pty Ltd Red Range Adelaide Geosyncline Zinc
DPY9-35 Trafford Resources Mawson Copper Gawler Craton Copper, Gold
DPY9-41 Minotaur Exploration Ltd Groundwater Brines Gawler Craton Potassium, Lithium, Boron
DPY9-42 Minotaur Exploration Ltd Mt Woods Gawler Craton ISCG
DPY9-43 SeeSaw Resources Pty Ltd Brownlow Adelaide Geosyncline Copper, Gold
DPY9-44 Havilah Resources Limited Benagerie Dome Curnamona Province Gold
DPY9-45 Terramin Exploration Pty Ltd Brind Adelaide Geosyncline Gold
DPY9-46 Core Exploration Ltd Yerelina Adelaide Geosyncline Copper, Gold, Lead, Zinc
DPY9-47 SeeSaw Resources Pty Ltd Bower Adelaide Geosyncline Copper, Gold

PACE Discovery Drilling 2016 successful proposals


PACE Copper is a two year, $20 million initiative launched in direct response to the pressures affecting the local exploration industry in South Australia. The subdued commodity prices and a lack of exploration investment capital have placed the resources sector under tremendous pressure to reduce operational costs and shed jobs in order to maintain a sustainable basis for their business.

This counter-cyclical investment is a critical step in alleviating these economic pressures and maintaining South Australia's exploration momentum - the engine room for future mineral discovery.

The South Australian government is now assessing the submitted proposals for PACE Discovery Drilling 2016 with an announcement due in July 2016.

Expanded claimable expenses

PACE Discovery Drilling 2016 has expanded the claimable expenses to include those incurred as part of the Aboriginal heritage clearance survey process and from any assays taken from the core or from down hole analytical work. Accurate records and invoices must be provided to claim against the funding.

Aboriginal heritage clearance surveys

Expenditure associated with the clearance of drilling collars is now a claimable expense. More specifically, this includes anthropological surveys and reports, meetings and costs associated with surveys with native title groups/traditional owners, and any pre and post drill site work.

Support for this component of the proposal is capped at $20,000.

Important dates*

29 March 2016Call for PACE Discovery Drilling 2016 project proposals
29 April 2016Closing date for project proposals
July 2016Announcement of successful proposals
2 June 2017Reporting date: latest date for final reports
30 June 2017Funding agreement end date

*Dates may be subject to change

More information

More information is available from the PACE General Manager

For more information, contact:

Miles Davies
General Manager - PACE
Department of State Development
Level 4, 101 Grenfell Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: +61 8 8463 3159