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The Extractive Areas Rehabilitation Fund (EARF) is constituted under Section 63 of the Mining Act 1971 and administered by the Department of State Development.

Funds are contributed to the EARF from part of the royalty paid on extractive mineral production in South Australia. The fund is designed to facilitate the rehabilitation of extractive mineral mine sites.

Funds for this purpose are allocated for approved rehabilitation projects according to the terms of the EARF Guidelines for Operation.

The Mining Act 1971 makes the holder of an Extractive Mining Lease (EML) or the owner of a Private Mine (PM) responsible for rehabilitation of that EML or PM. This responsibility is most effectively and most economically discharged when the site is progressively rehabilitated.

The EARF, administered by the Department for State Development, provides a mechanism to fund certain rehabilitation activities on extractive mineral sites as approved by the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy. The EARF is funded through contributions from a specified proportion of the royalty paid on each tonne of quarry product sold.

These Guidelines have been approved by the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy and represent the framework within which the Minister will discharge his obligation under section 63 of the Mining Act 1971. The Guidelines provide information on the nature of rehabilitation works that might be funded under the EARF.

Application, project assessment, project approval and administrative processes are described in full in the Guidelines for Operation

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