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Notice is hereby given in accordance with Section 28(5) of the Mining Act 1971, that the Minister for Mineral Resources and Energy proposes to grant Exploration Licences over the undermentioned areas.

Community information on mineral exploration licence processes and requirements under the Mining Act 1971

DateApplicant/sLocation Pastoral lease/sTerm Area in km2 Reference and map
05 April 2018

FMG Resources Pty Ltd

Cultana Area – approx. 50 km southwest of Port AugustaCorunna, Katunga, Pandurra, Roopena, Myola/Iron BaronTwo years8542017/00239 Plan and coordinates (PDF 395 KB
05 April 2018Ausmex Mining Pty LimitedRiverton Area – approx. 90 km north of Adelaide-Two years9862018/00022 Plan and coordinates (PDF 615  KB
05 April 2018SA Exploration Pty LtdHardy Area – approx. 120 km east of Port Pirie-Two years6872018/00023 Plan and coordinates (PDF 1.30 MB
05 April 2018Riversgold Australia Pty LtdBurt Lagoon Area – approx. 40 km north of Port AugustaMount Arden, Wilatana, Yadlamalka, South Gap, KootaberaTwo years8272018/00025 Plan and coordinates (PDF 447 KB
05 April 2018

Gawler Resources Pty Ltd

Mount Victor Station - approx. 50 km northeast of YuntaKoonamore, Plumbago, Weekeroo, Outalpa, Mount VictorTwo years1892018/00035 Plan and coordinates (PDF 525 KB
05 April 2018TRK Resources Pty LtdMabel Creek Area – approx. 45 km southwest of Coober PedyMabel Creek, Mount ClarenceOne year5082017/00040 Plan and coordinates (PDF 459 KB
22 March 2018Earea Dam mining Pty LtdWilgena Area – approx. 35 km west of KingoonyaWilgenaTwo years562017/00024 Plan and coordinates (PDF 226 KB
22 March 2018Lithium Australia NLDudley East Area – approx. 10 km south-east of Penneshaw-Two years632017/00236 Plan and coordinates (PDF 386 KB
22 March 2018FMG Resources Pty LtdMount Arden Area – approx. 30 km north of Port AugustaMount Arden, WilkatanaTwo years522018/00012 Plan and coordinates (PDF 348 KB
01 March 2018Maosen Australia Pty LtdJohns Outstation Area – Giffen Well Area – approx. 50 km north-northeast of TarcoolaBulgunnia, WilgenaOne year562017/00152 Plan and coordinates (PDF 362 KB)
01 March 2018Maosen Australia Pty LtdBraemer Area – approx. 220 km northeast of AdelaideFaraway HillOne year1462017/00190 Plan and coordinates (PDF 362 KB)
01 March 2018OZ Minerals Prominent Hill Operations Pty LtdBirthday Hill Area – approx. 65 km southeast of Coober PedyMcDouall Peak, Anna CreekThree years10602017/00253 Plan and coordinates (PDF 362 KB)
01 March 2018Havilah Resources LimitedChocolate Dam Area - approx. 100 km north-northeast of OlaryMulyungarieTwo years592018/00011 Plan and coordinates (PDF 362 KB)
22 February 2018Trafford Resources Pty LtdIndooroopilly Outstation Area – approx. 135 km northwest of TarcoolaMobellaTwo years572017/00214 Plan and coordinates (PDF 362 KB)
22 February 2018Nicul Minerals LimitedMount Kintore to Mount Harriet Area – approx. 320 km WNW of Marla-Two years19182017/00217 Plan and coordinates (PDF 352 KB)
22 February 2018Terramin Exploration Pty LtdMount Barker Area – approx. 50 km east of Adelaide-Two years1182017/00231 Plan and coordinates (PDF 624 KB)
22 February 2018Lincoln Minerals LimitedUno Area – approx. 30 km NNE of KimbaUnoTwo years142017/00237 Plan and coordinates (PDF 284 KB)
22 February 2018Ausmin Development Pty LtdMalbrom Area – approx. 90 km northeast of Port Lincoln-Two years812017/00240 Plan and coordinates (PDF 486 KB)
22 February 2018Olary Magnetite Pty LtdOopina Area – approx. 90 km WNW of OlaryMinburra, Koonamore, MeltonTwo years2762017/00246 Plan and coordinates (PDF 411 KB)
22 February 2018Western Areas LimitedYalata North Area – approx. 160 km northwest of Ceduna-Two years7542017/00247 Plan and coordinates (PDF 413 KB)
22 February 2018Western Area LimitedYalata East Area – approx. 150 km northwest of Ceduna-Two years9042017/00249 Plan and coordinates (PDF 491 KB)
22 February 2018Northernx Pty LtdEtadunna Area – approx. 85 km north of MarreeEtadunnaTwo years2552018/00003 Plan and coordinates (PDF 528 KB)
2 February 2018Northernx Pty LtdLake Eyre Area – approx. 60 km northwest of MarreeStuart Creek, MuloorinaTwo years7122018/00005 Plan and coordinates (PDF 489 KB)
22 February 2018Northernx Pty LtdLake Eyre Area – approx. 85 km WNW of MarreeStuart CreekTwo years8642018/00006 Plan and coordinates (PDF 500 KB)
22 February 2018Marmota LimitedMulgathing Area – approx. 60 km northwest of TarcoolaBulgunnia, MulgathingTwo years1812018/00007 Plan and coordinates (PDF 351 KB)
22 February 2018Terramin Exploration Pty LtdKapunda Area – approx. 65 km northeast of Adelaide-Two years6242018/00015 Plan and coordinates (PDF 557 KB)
22 February 2018Rifle Resources Pty LtdAnna Creek Area – approx. 60 km east of Coober PedyAnna Creek Two years722018/00016 Plan and coordinates (PDF 282 KB)
22 February 2018Havilah Resources LimitedMutooroo Area – approx. 35 south of CockburnTepco, MutoorrooTwo years1512018/00017 Plan and coordinates (PDF 361 KB)
22 February 2018Havilah Resources LimitedFrom Downs Area – approx. 85 km east of ArkaroolaQuinyambie, Frome DownsTwo years9892018/00018 Plan and coordinates (PDF 518 KB)
22 February 2018Havilah Resources LimitedQuinyambie Area – approx. 120 km east of ArkaroolaQuinyambieTwo years9992018/00019 Plan and coordinates (PDF 563 KB)
22 February 2018Gawler Resources Pty LtdAllandale Station Area – approx. 50 km southeast of OodnadattaThe Peake, AllandaleTwo years3552018/00020 Plan and coordinates (PDF 396 KB)
8 February 2018Leigh Creek Operations Pty LtdCopley Area - Surrounding Leigh CreekNorth Moolooloo, Myrtle Springs, Leigh CreekTwo years1012017/00197 Plan and coordinates (PDF 484 KB)
8 February 2018Murray Basin Minerals Pty LtdOakvale Station Area – approx. 85 km south-southeast of OlaryMutooroo, Oakvale, Pine Valley, QuondongTwo years9982017/00201 Plan and coordinates (PDF 362 KB)
8 February 2018FMG Resources Pty LtdLincoln Gap area – approx. 30km west of Port AugustaCultana, Pandurra, Tregalana, IllerooTwo years1842017/00218 Plan and coordinates (PDF 482 KB)
8 February 2018Recover Minerals Pty LtdTodmorden Area - approx. 60 km northwest of OodnadattaTodmordenOne year3052018/00001 Plan and coordinates (PDF 296 KB)
8 February 2018Gawler Resources Pty LtdPenong Area - approx. 60 km northwest of Ceduna-Two years3952018/00009 Plan and coordinates (PDF 447 KB)